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Real Estate Law

At the Law Offices of Lance Denha, PA,, we represent a diverse group of real estate developers, builders, construction companies and corporate clients who require assistance with real estate transactions. We have extensive experience in real estate litigation including property tax appeals.

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Property Tax Appeals

Owning a home or business should serve as a reward for all you’ve achieved. Afterall, it’s the American Dream. However, sometimes homeowners, tenants and business people are unjustly taxed on the property they’ve worked to obtain or lease.

At the Law Offices of Lance Denha, PA we have helped clients reduce their property taxes imposed by ad valorem taxation. We have successfully saved money for many home and business owners on industrial, residential and commercial properties.

The process of appealing your property tax can be time-consuming and tedious. Contact the Law Offices of Lance Denha, PA and we’ll help guide you through the process.