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Foreclosure Defense


Our Goal is to Save Homes from Foreclosure

At The Law Offices of Lance Denha, PA,we represent clients with foreclosure defense. There are numerous legal strategies we use to attack a pending foreclosure. Federal and state laws give you powerful rights that we are here to protect.

Defending the Foreclosure

You should have an attorney no matter what technique you are using so that you can have quality advice that keeps you out trouble and puts you in a better position. Our knowledgeable and skilled foreclosure defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Lance Denha can provide effective foreclosure defense representation by thoroughly analyzing the documentation and complaints put together by lenders and their counsel. Our legal staff will make sure these types of documents are not put together in standard template form and challenge all documentation which would be in the best interest of the client. These as well as several other legal strategies used to provide effective foreclosure defense can hopefully result in the lender to reassess the situation and begin to work with a distress homeowner to preserve the homeowners rights or rid themselves of any deficiency associated with their mortgage.

Thorough Review of a Homeowner’s Loan Documents

Attorneys may also be able to challenge the right of a plaintiff to sue based on the fact that they could not prove that the plaintiff/lender actually owned the mortgage. This could stall the case indefinitely or at least until they can trace back from all the servicer transfers and the sale of the mortgage from one investor to the other in order to find the original signed document that says that you, the borrower, actually owe the money. In some cases that document does not exist. There have been federal judges that have totally eliminated the mortgage balances because they couldn’t prove that the defendant actually owed that amount of money!

Law Suit Against Lender

Finally, there are thousands of state and federal rules that a lender must abide by as they lend money. There are so many that it’s nearly impossible to faithfully fulfill all the necessary requirements. It may be a wise idea to have an attorney audit your loan documents and possibly bring law suits against lenders. Your debt could be erased in its entirety but most likely your attorney could at least delay a judicial or even a non judicial foreclosure and very often lower the balance of the loan to a significant amount that your lender will be motivated to be more aggressive about offering you a reasonable short sale settlement or even better option to keep your house.